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Congratulations to the accepted fellows of the 2018 Age Boom Academy, The Future of Work: New Technology and an Aging Workforce!

2017 Age Boom Academy


Next Avenue

Most retirement and employment analysts believe that, for many Americans, 21st century retirement includes — and will include — some work. My Next Avenue colleague Kerry Hannon calls work “a pillar of retirement.” But is that a good thing for older Americans? And have employers and the U.S. government morphed appropriately to accommodate this reality? After recently attending, and moderating a panel at, Columbia University’s 2016 Age Boom Academy entitled The Future of Work and Retirement… MORE 


Minneapolis Star Tribune

Sometimes Jeff Mattson describes it as “the doldrums” — the gloomy period he endured last winter after retiring from the U.S. Postal Service. He had been delivering mail for 31 years. He liked his co-workers, enjoyed the work, was good at it. He recalls those days — even the day he delivered mail in an 80-below windchill — with fond humor. But he was fully vested in the Postal Service’s pension plan. So he retired last August, just after turning 62…MORE


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New York Times

STEVEN PONTO was a senior lawyer at a financial services technology company when it was sold in 2009. Some colleagues were relocating to Jacksonville, Fla., the headquarters of the new parent, but he didn’t want to leave the small city outside Milwaukee where he had lived since 1990. He chose a severance package and considered a second career. Friends encouraged Mr. Ponto to run for mayor of his city, Brookfield, Wis…MORE



If you’re looking for work, you might start with one of those websites that posts jobs. But if you’re an older adult looking for work, you might have found yourself excluded from some of the features on those sites. Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan opened an investigation after a 70-year-old man called her office and complained that he’d been unable to use a resume building tool on a job search site… MORE


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